How To Prepare for a Fall Outdoor Wedding
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How To Prepare for a Fall Outdoor Wedding

How To Prepare for a Fall Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor summer wedding makes sense because the weather is typically on your side. However, there’s something about that fall outdoor wedding aesthetic that summer can never touch. That crisp, fresh air and vibrant fall colors are unbeatable.

Don’t get me wrong, lush green trees are beautiful, but trees with red, orange, and yellow leaves add a different level of beauty. Don’t let the temperature deter y’all from considering this time of year for your wedding. I’m here to help! Here’s how to prepare for a fall outdoor wedding.

Bring in Reinforcements

Autumn is a beautiful season, but the chill in the air isn’t always welcome. The crisp fall breeze is refreshing, but for me, staying in that element gets uncomfortable. Don’t assume the open bar will be enough to keep your guests warm. You’ll need some backup ways to warm your guests, even if they dress for the occasion.

Bring in the reinforcements so you don’t have to watch guests chatter their teeth. Station outside heaters in the reception area between tables and in the ceremony space. I also recommend having a few wicker baskets filled with blankets available to use. Decorate them accordingly to go with the aesthetic of your wedding. Between the heaters and the blankets, your guest should be plenty warm.

Serve Season-Themed Drinks

An open bar is always a nice touch at any wedding. Guests will keep walking up, asking for their favorite cocktails. But before they get a chance to order, give them something to “ooh” and “ahh” over. Serve season-themed drinks that are sure to add some warmth to their bellies.

Spiked hot ciders are perfect for fall weddings. Because the drinks will be flowing, consider including porta-potties in the backyard. Keep the party outside and include plenty of units to shorten the lines.

Comfort Them With Food

Comfort food is the best food, in my opinion, and it’s a real crowd-pleaser at a wedding. Comfort food does have a way of sticking to you and warming you up from the inside out. Have a full menu of comfort food for your guests to enjoy.

Don’t worry about counting calories and cutting back on carbs. A quick tip: make sure your wedding dress has plenty of breathing room, and the groom loosens his belt! Instead of standard dinner rolls, go for those warm, buttery biscuits. Add sliders, pigs in a blanket, and even some ice cream to the menu.

Dress Up the Foliage

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: I love fall foliage! And I’m sure y’all do, too, but that doesn’t mean y’all can’t spruce things up a little bit. Consider including string or bistro lighting around the premises for when the sun goes down. The lights will cast a beautiful glow on the nature surrounding you.

Of course, not all foliage is beautiful foliage. Some of it will make your wedding look sloppy if it’s haphazardly strewn about. Be sure to pick up and collect the twigs, branches, and leaves off the ground. You may not get all of them, but clear away as much as possible.

A fall outdoor wedding is in your future, especially if you prepare properly.

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