How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Maxi Dresses

I am not short but I am also not tall by all means. At 5’4″ I am average height. I love to wear maxi dresses but sometime they are way to too maxi for my frame. Just like I ordered a cute little maxi from eShakti that I totally fell in love with. I had planned on wearing it to a blogging conference I was attending but when I got it two days before the conference I decided not to because it was really long.

maxi dress long

As you see on “Lola” it is long and “Lola” is my height. It totally dragged the ground and it still did even if I would have worn heels. Sadly I didn’t get to wear it to the conference because I wanted to wait to get it hemmed. A few days after the conference I came upon an idea while making some ribbons for Epilepsy awareness. Why not use safety pins? Can you believe I used 4 safety pins to hem this dress. It is really quite easy. Follow along and you will be able to hem your dress just like I did.

  • First turn your dress inside out and lay it flat. Follow the seam down to the end and then fold it up to the waistline. With a safety pin, pin the fold at the waist.

maxi dress pinned

  • After you do one side, pin the other side. Because this dress is longer you will need the other two safety pins to pin the middle of the dress as well. Your dress will end up like this.

maxi pinned all 4

  • Finally flip your dress back to the right side and Viola you have hemmed your dress without sewing. Plus this is a great way to convert maxis into minis as well. Getting you more mileage out of your clothes without ruining them.

finished maxi

So tell me have you ever done this to one of your dresses?

20 Comments on “How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Maxi Dresses

  1. I am only 5’2″, so I never buy maxi dresses because they were always too long, but now I know how to fix that issue.

  2. I have not done this to one of my dresses but i did to my curtains. I had two panels that hit the floor so i safety pined them to half the length. I love your dress.

  3. I haven’t done this, but I love the idea. I’m a little taller and don’t have the problem with it being too long. The dress looks super cute.

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