How To Style Silver Versus Gold Jewelry

How To Style Silver Versus Gold Jewelry

How To Style Silver Versus Gold Jewelry

If you’re like me, you believe jewelry can serve as the perfect accessory to highlight different elements of an outfit and complete any look. However, not all jewelry is the same.

When I pick out my accessories, I concentrate on what metal will pair best with my style. Choosing between silver and gold jewelry may not seem complicated, but these metals can make or break an outfit. To learn more about choosing between these two metals and how to style silver versus gold jewelry, continue reading!

Coordinate With Clothing Colors

When choosing between silver or gold jewelry accessories, one of the most immediate factors I consider is the color of my clothing. Although silver and gold are neutral shades, these hues can highlight either warm or cool color palettes.

Silver jewelry is cool-toned, making it pair better with colder color palettes, such as blue, purple, green, or white. Gold jewelry is warm-toned, which means gold jewelry is best suited for fabrics with warmer hues such as red, orange, yellow, and brown. When deciding what type of jewelry to wear, start by establishing the color palettes of your clothing to find the best accessory for your style.

Consider Skin Tone

Skin tones can also help us differentiate between choosing silver and gold jewelry. Similar to clothing, our skin tones also have more cool or warm tones in their appearance. Since silver jewelry is cool-toned and gold jewelry is warm-toned, we can determine which jewelry will best complement our skin’s natural undertones. For example, since I have more naturally pink undertones, my skin tone pairs best with silver jewelry. Review the guide below to determine whether your skin is cool or warm-toned.

Properties of Cool-Toned Skin

  • Veins appear blue
  • More naturally pink or red undertones in the skin

Properties of Warm-Toned Skin

  • Veins appear green
  • More naturally yellow undertones in the skin

Match Accessories To Piercings

Another tip for how to style gold versus silver jewelry is to match your accessories to your piercings. Whether you’re rocking a nose ring, earrings, or cartilage piercing, these metals also make a statement in your outfits. The type of silver and gold metal in your piercings can also have a variety of different hues to consider. For example, there are many different types of gold jewelry. Depending on the karat grade, gold jewelry can have more yellow hues to its color. For the best match and most coordinated style, thoroughly consider what types of metals you’ve chosen for your piercing when styling your fashion.

Gold and silver can both add a sophisticated and effortless look to any outfit. Before choosing either of these metals, review our styling tips to optimize the look of your outfits.

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