How to Throw the Hottest NYE Party Without Breaking the Bank from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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How to Throw the Hottest NYE Party Without Breaking the Bank

How to Throw the Hottest NYE Party Without Breaking the Bank from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When it seems like the Halloween candy has finally been eaten and the Christmas haze has drifted slowly away, you might get checking your bank account to see what’s left over to spend for New Year’s Eve. While people generally start making plans to ring in the New Year about two to six months in advance, 30% of people polled said they’d pay $51-100 for a hot New Year’s Eve event, and 11% were willing to pay over $200. While that sounds like a great time, and it’s definitely a celebration that you deserve after working hard all year long, there are ways to throw a great party without breaking the bank. After all, you’ll want to start the year by setting yourself up for financial freedom and flexibility.

Get Creative with the Food and Drinks

One of the most efficient ways to cut your budget is to have a BYOB bash. This ensures that people who want to drink will bring their own drinks and those who don’t want to won’t end up wasting what you have purchased. If you are going to be providing drinks, you can focus on making a tasty drink instead of a strong one. Buy a couple bottles of champagne and mix them with cranberry juice, orange juice and strawberry juice for a delicious concoction that is still adult-friendly. Buying in bulk is also a great way to save on food, drinks and even decorations for a party. If you are going to have a lot of guests, this works great, but if you aren’t, you can pair up with somebody else who is also planning a party and go halfsies on everything you need. You’ll still get a discount for buying in bulk but won’t be left with wasted items.

Reuse Christmas Decor

You obviously don’t want to have Santa hats and reindeer jingle bells all over the place, but if you look closely, you can actually reuse a lot of your Christmas decorations for an NYE party. If you want to leave your tree up, for example, switch all of the decorations to a silver and gold theme decor and swap the colored lights for bright white lights and candles to set the mood. You can leave garland and other elegant decorations up and simply change the lighting in the space to add a more luxurious, New Year’s Eve feel to the environment. Opting for a Winter Wonderland theme is still very much in line with a New Year’s Eve party and will work wonders without forcing you to go out and buy all new decorations.

Thrifting is Your Holiday Best Friend

This tip goes for any holiday, really, as heading to a thrift store is one of the best ways to find unique clothing and decorations that are cheap and stylish. If you are going to throw a Roaring 20s themed New Year’s Eve party, for example, you can head to your local thrift store and find an entire outfit for cheap and use the leftover money in your budget to purchase cute little trinkets and unique decorations that can be placed all over the room. Don’t be afraid to hunt through your local dollar store, either, as they often have high-quality decorations for dirt cheap. Seeing as you’re only going to use them for one night and the lighting will be likely pretty dim, it won’t matter that they’re from the dollar store.

Celebrate a Year Well-Lived

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on all of your growth and accomplishment during the year that’s just passed. Taking time to relax and rest from the busy holiday season and enjoy time with your friends and family is the most important part about ringing in the New Year, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to do that. A few simple decorations left over from Christmas, tasty mixed drinks and the right mood lighting will do just the trick.

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