How You Can Begin Making An Income From Your Blog

How You Can Begin Making An Income From Your Blog

A blog is one of the best ways to express yourself while also helping others online. While blogs can be a great passion project, they can go far beyond that, such as becoming a true business. That’s right! You can monetize your blog! So, here is everything you need to know about doing this, as there are different ways for this to become a major success!

How You Can Begin Making An Income From Your Blog

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Sell products directly through your blog

One of the most popular ways to make an income with your blog is by selling your own products or services. A lot of bloggers will sell ebooks, courses, templates, media kit services, and Lightroom presets, and the list could just go on and on. This can be a marvelous way to gain some trust, get some credibility, and make a serious bank. 

You just have to remember that it’s important to know your niche and go from there. For instance, if you’re a travel blogger, you could sell Lightroom presets since you’ll be posting a lot of travel photos. If you’re a business blogger, then templates could be perfect, or even eBooks too.

Sell freelance writing services

If you’re looking to monetize your blog, there’s more to it than just writing a few posts here and there. One of the best ways to do this is to offer your services for hire. Fortunately, there are a few companies out there that make it easy. This includes sites such as Blogger Tuesday so that you could utilize blogging through that. With these platforms, you can find clients all over the world. So, what are you waiting for? Alternatively, you could try your hand at freelance writing so websites like Fiverr or Upwork too.

Create a membership

Another way to monetize your blog is through membership sites. These can be big investments, but they can be a reliable source of revenue. Creating a membership site will require you to provide quality content for your members. There are some tips to keep in mind when creating your site. Ensure that you include a donation form on your website. Then, you can add a Stripe or PayPal donate button on the page. Alternatively, you could make a Patron; it’s a similar concept.

Paid sponsored posts

Just as you can get paid for posting on social media, the same can be done for blog posts. Paid sponsored posts can be a great way to increase your exposure. But they should be treated with caution. They can turn readers off, especially if they are poorly written or inaccurate. To be successful, make sure you have a solid foundation of credibility and a good grasp of the market.

A few companies and businesses may approach you to promote a product or service. This can be a very useful way to build trust with your audience and introduce them to a new product. The amount varies based on your email list, social media following, the amount of traffic (including regular visitors), and other factors. It can be a great way to make some serious money and have long-term relationships.

Paid per click

This is usually a part of posting ads on your website, such as banner ads (similar to AdSense) or even affiliate marketing. Basically, you’re getting paid for your readers’ clicks rather than for purchasing something. It’s not a lot of money, but you can still get a nice bit of change from doing this.

Write for your readers

What was the main reason you originally began writing on your blog? Was it to capture an audience in a niche that feels the same way as you do? You have to remember that getting an income from blogging is wonderful, but it’s not the only thing! Remember that you must write for your readers and stay authentic and entertaining. It will take time, but your efforts and loyalty will be rewarded.


Google AdSense is a great way to earn money from your blog. This online advertising platform allows bloggers to create a non-intrusive browsing experience. You get paid each time a visitor clicks on an ad. Google’s ad platform is easy to use. You can choose from a variety of ad formats and ad sizes. In addition, you can select the type of advertisement you want to display and its color. 

The ad format you choose can depend on the type of content you publish. For example, if you’re a travel blogger, you may choose to display an ad promoting a hotel in an exotic location. Another option is a video ad. While this isn’t exactly considered the most reliable option, you will still technically make some money from doing this.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a good bet when it comes to making an income from your blog. In fact, a lot of blogs are created solely for affiliate marketing! It’s easy to get started, and it’s a passive income, so you can have more time to spend on other things. But it takes a lot of work.

 Technically, there is no guarantee you’ll make income; it will take long hours too. It’s not always as simple as adding an affiliated link to your blog. Sometimes you need to do more, but that little nudge could help you out! Plus, this can include putting these links in posts, the sidebar, landing pages, your newsletter, and YouTube videos, and the list can go on and on.

Cross-promoting other bloggers

Have you ever considered leveraging your online presence by helping out other bloggers? You can indeed make an additional income from your blog! In fact, it may even help you build friendships with other bloggers. Many bloggers will offer free products to other bloggers in exchange for a review and mention. 

They will also compensate you for every post you make, which is why you want to find partnerships that allow you to create a series of sponsored posts. Other bloggers do this; sometimes it’s a simple payment, other times for a long-term partnership. It really all depends. However, this means you will always have a constant source of income.

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