I Am So In Love

I have been trying to come up with a branding for this blog. I have racked my brains trying to come up with a brand but I suck at website design and just design period. But lucky for me I decided to join a group of bloggers that are from the Carolinas, North Carolina and South Carolina that is. In this group I found some amazing new friends and also found an amazing designer Sarah from Dirty Fish Designs. I asked her to design a blog button for me and she went above and beyond what I would have expected and I am totally in love with these designs. I say designs because Sarah was so awesome that she made several variations of the same design. Just check these out.

champagne mock (6-1)

There’s this one.

champagne mock (6-2)

And this one did you notice the color of the Champagne in the glass is a little different. These would be for anyone that wants to guest blog or if you want me to guest blog for you. Hint Hint!! And then there is my blog button, my brand per say. I am totally in love with this button.

champagne mock (grey)

I can’t wait to meet Sarah in person this weekend and tell her how much I love these buttons.  Sarah goes above and beyond for her clients. She worked to make even the smallest detail right. Her eye for detail and her drive to make her customers happy would make me use her company again in the near future. Such a joy to work with. I can’t wait for her to do some more work for me in the future. I need a media kit for all three blogs you know. So tell me what do you think of these new buttons?


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