Important Tips To Know When Gifting Wine
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Important Tips To Know When Gifting Wine

Important Tips To Know When Gifting Wine

Wine can be the perfect way to celebrate an occasion, from birthdays to season’s greetings. You can get any affectionate message across with the right bottle. That said, everyone has different tastes and preferences. Just because y’all like a certain drink doesn’t mean your loved one will, and vice versa. How do you choose the perfect wine, then? With the right research—and maybe some crafty, well-placed questioning to learn more about your loved one’s tastes—you can find a bottle that will make them smile through every sip. Here are some of the most important tips to know when gifting wine.

Know Their Palate

When you’re searching for wine gift ideas, it helps to know your friend’s palate. The first question I always ask myself is whether someone prefers white, red, or rosé. Next, find out if the recipient likes sweet wine, dry wine, or something in between. If the person to whom you’re giving wine has loose preferences, you can experiment with choices and maybe even introduce them to something beyond their usual picks. However, if your loved one is pickier, staying within their palate will guarantee you find a choice they love.

Make a Seasonal Choice

Whether you’re celebrating a festive occasion or you simply want to lean into the current time of year, seasonal wines are always popular options. Choosing a wine that fits with the season means your loved one can enjoy your gift with all the best seasonal flavors and activities. Lighter wines make more of an impact in the summer, while a heartier wine will be a warm and welcome gift in the winter. I also like to lean into unique seasonal flavors, such as rich cherry in the fall or bright and flowery in the spring.

Put Quality Before Price

A lot of things can affect the price of your wine, but that doesn’t mean all good wines will break your budget. One of the most important tips to know when gifting wine is that quality and price don’t always coincide. Never default to buying the most expensive bottle on the shelf. Take your time and consider the quality of the wine, the unique flavor, and how it fits with your loved one’s tastes. It’s the thought that counts, remember? If y’all choose a wine your loved one enjoys, they won’t care about the price tag at all.

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