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How to Increase the Zen in Your New Home


In today’s generation, creativity and imagination have already transpired throughout the years. People combine mixed use design here in the Philippines, so just picture what it’s like in other countries as well. Beautifying a home is necessary because it is where we live in each day. Increase the “zen” in your homes by following these easy and inspiring tips guaranteed to bring the positive and good vibes in your lovely dwellings.


Living plants

Having plants and flowers inside and outside the house is a strongly recommended tip because it exudes a lively feeling. Make sure to take care of them and not to let them wither as time goes by once you own them. Remember that properly taken cared of plants and flowers will provide a pretty view and bring out fresh fragrance to its area.


Make sure there is enough space around

Always throw the trash out whenever possible. It will lessen the stagnant air in the room and will be pleasing to the eyes once anyone sees there isn’t much trash around the area. Also do your best to provide extra space around the rooms to roam around, as this provides a breathable and fresh feeling.


Play relaxing and soothing music

Every morning, try to play out enjoyable music for everyone in the house to hear. There are numerous ways already to play free music, so come up with ways to do so. By hearing good music every morning, it will give out a calm feeling to everyone who hears it which may positively affect the mood of the person that may last for the whole day.  


Bring out comfort and serenity

If you’re considering on redecorating the rooms, consider repainting them with earthy and pleasing colors. Try to add some decors which will fit the theme or design of the room as well. Make the rooms comfortable by adding pillows, comfortable chairs, and rugs which provide coziness that stays in the room. The lights also bring out comfort, so choose bulbs with the soft and calming light because bright colored lighting can make the mood of the person cranky and at unease.


Less gadgets and technology

To ensure a zen space, try to remove technology as much as possible. People nowadays are extremely dependent on technology so having a home where there is less or none at all technology will definitely provide a relaxing feeling. Just try to follow all the steps above in order to gain that zen vibe you want for your house. Eventually afterward, you will still need to use those devices. Maximize tech-free relaxation as much as possible.

Do your best to change up the necessities to increase zen in your homes through these helpful Feng Shui tips. Not only will the furniture look different, the overall aura your home brings will surely change as well. Gather up the strength to do the things you want for your home for a new and better vibe.


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