Interior Design Trends Painted Photographs for Bare Walls from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Interior Design Trends: Painted Photographs for Bare Walls

Interior Design Trends Painted Photographs for Bare Walls from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Trendy interior designers are finding a clever new way to redecorate bare walls in corridors, living rooms, and bedrooms when decorating homes: they’re adding large paintings based on their client’s photographs.

Certainly, hanging up paintings or photographs is a well-established way of adding some color and form to blank walls, particularly in large homes with big rooms. Still, they have some limitations.  

Unless paintings are customized portraits, which tend to be expensive and require many hours of sitting still posing for the artist, most paintings are somewhat impersonal—realistic pictures of nature scenes, city skylines, people, or animals. They may also be abstract, in the style of Surrealism, Cubism, Expressionism, or Modernism.

By comparison, photographs are personal, but they rarely capture the vivacity of paintings. While they do realistically capture a moment in time, they rarely add a lively touch to a wall.

As an interior designer, you can carve out a niche for yourself by suggesting paintings from photographs to your clients. You can help them choose which photographs they would like an artist to paint from, then send it to a paint my photo online business that skillfully paints portraits from photographs.

Capturing the Moment

If you’re a photographer, you can quickly make up for a shortage of time when you come across something interesting or beautiful because you can capture the image of a person or scene quickly. For instance, if you’re visiting a foreign city and see an old building in an architectural style unique to that part of the world, you can quickly snap a picture of it. In fact, you can capture all the essential details in seconds or take multiple pictures from different angles in a short time.

On the other hand, if you are a painter and saw the same building and wanted to capture its beauty but did not have the time to find a good spot to set up your tripod and canvas, then the next best thing you could do would be to draw a quick sketch and hope to remember many of the details when you had time to sit down before your canvas.

Paintings Give Us Pause

Paintings can help us appreciate our innate love for color and form. We usually rush through life, but paintings give us pause to take in the beauty of this world. Paintings may also evoke emotions, help us daydream about interesting outcomes, appreciate color, and notice formal symmetry.  Paintings, in short, help us feel aesthetic pleasure. In the hands of a master artist, any scene comes to life, awakening our sense of awe and wonder.

Benefits of Painted Photographs

The benefits of both paintings and photographs are captured when a photograph is turned into a painting. Suddenly, a personally significant image comes to life in a vivid and colorful way.

The Pleasure of a Realistic Painting

One person, for instance, wanted a realistic image of herself and her beloved dog of 12 years. She wanted her home to showcase a special image. A commissioned painting would have taken hours of boring posing  — provided, of course, she found the right artist in the first place. It would also have been expensive.

While she could have had a photograph taken of her posing with her dog, it would have lacked that evocative quality she yearned to capture. However, by getting a painting rendered from a photograph of her with her dog in an armchair, she was able to achieve both the personalization and the dramatic effect she wanted. In fact, she was so thrilled with her experience that she wrote one of the most touching Paint your Life customer reviews.

The next time you work with a client and see a large bare wall that needs something to make it much more interesting, consider introducing the idea of a painting from a photograph to add some wonderful personalized art to the wall.

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