Interview Worthy Styling For Less

Interview Worthy Styling For Less

Today, I interviewed a sweet young gentleman for Adventures of Frugal Mom. I was a little on the fence about what to wear for this interview. I wasn’t meeting someone that I had never met before, so it wasn’t about first impressions, but I still want to maintain a professional attitude for the interview. We met for coffee, and the conversation started flowing. It was an excellent interview, and I can’t wait to write it up. But that is another story for another blog. Today’s story is about what I wore for the interview. Before I go any further look at the picture and read on.

Interview Worthy Styling For Less

Let me start out by saying today was a rainy day here in North Carolina. With that said, when it rains here during the summer I get really cold. So this dress was perfect. It was a little heavier than what I would wear during the summer but because today is was rainy and chilly it was perfect. I got this dress at Twice for nothing. Yep, that is right it cost me nothing. How did I do that you ask? Well, it is very easy if you create an account you automatically receive a credit and then if you download the mobile app you receive another credit. I also used a coupon they had on their site to get 30% off of my final order. This dress can be found at GAP for $89.99. Twice had it on their site in their summer sale for $16.97 and with my 30% coupon, it came to $11.87. Remember the credits I received well they added up to $20.00. Shipping and handling were included in the price. So I was able to use my 30% coupon and part of my credits to snag this dress for free and still have credits left over to shop for another day. I will have to say that this dress was extremely comfortable almost like something I would wear to bed. Yes, that comfortable!!!! I paired this wonderful deal with another great deal. You may remember my yellow necklace from Champagne Taste While Traveling. I got this necklace from Amazon for $1.15. So you see this whole outfit cost me less than $2.00. Can you tell? Nope, see you can have champagne style on a bare budget.

Sending you Champagne Dreams

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  1. And that is how you use all your resources to get something for nothing! That is an awesome job and its a nice dress!

  2. I love deals like this! That’s the way to shop smart (and the dress looks great)!

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