wedding season

It’s Wedding Season

wedding season


Wedding season has officially arrived! So what does this mean exactly? Traveling, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, gifts and of course, celebrating the big day. Thanks to WeddingWire and their Weddiquette guide, I can provide a little wedding attendee refresher for you all!


 If any of you have been married before, you know how stressful the guest list can be. That’s why it’s important to send in your RSVP as soon as you can! That way the bride and groom can let the caterers know, but also plan the seating chart as well.

 The Gift

 Have you ever brought a large gift to the reception? It’s not exactly ideal especially when you are going to the ceremony at one location and reception at the other. Sending the gift to the couple ahead of time is perfectly acceptable. Another tip-etiquette standards allow up to a full year after the wedding to send a gift!

 The Outfit

 It’s super important to pay attention to the style of the wedding you wouldn’t want to show up to a fancy New York City wedding venue in a country style wedding dress. When in doubt always over dress or wear black! And of course, stay away from white-you definitely don’t want to take away from the bride!

 The Ceremony

 I think it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be fashionable late to the ceremony. They don’t typically start on time but you can’t walk down the aisle with the wedding party! And if you are going to take pictures don’t post them on social media before the couple!

 The Reception

Whether the wedding reception is a hotel venue in Chicago or a located on a farm in North Carolina, the same rules still apply- If you have a sudden craving for the filet mignon but you selected the salmon on the invite, you can’t switch! And of course, don’t forget to tip your bartenders!

 The Goodbyes

Make sure to say goodbye to the couple. It is polite to stay until the cake is cut after that you are free to leave!


Happy wedding season! Feel free to share any other weddiquette tips!

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