Just Renovated Here's What to Do With That Waste from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Just Renovated? Here’s What to Do With That Waste

Just Renovated Here's What to Do With That Waste from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

With home improvement shows like Fixer Upper, Property Brothers,  and Love It or List It, becoming increasingly popular, so are home renovations. Homeowners are getting inspired to makeover their homes for a whole new look that fits their unique personality, as well as their need for functionality.

Renovating a home can be really fun. You get to knock down walls, get rid of old, nasty appliances, and give your home a whole new aesthetic. You know what’s not fun about all of that? The cleanup process. It can be tempting to just rent a giant dumpster and trash everything at the end of the project, but that’s certainly not ideal for the environment.

Fortunately, there are many Americans that are taking their duty to protect this planet seriously. In fact, 88% of Americans say that taking care of the planet is important, and 77% consider environmental factors when they do their shopping. These considerations are also seeping over into the home improvement sphere. If you are one of these people, but you’re not sure how to recycle your renovation waste, no need to fret. Here are some great ways to take care of that makeover garbage that mother nature will thank you for.

Donate Reusable Materials

After your renovation is complete, you’re going to have plenty of items left that can be donated. When you get new furniture and appliances to vamp up your home’s complexion, you are probably getting rid of your old stuff. Don’t throw it away, donate it. There are plenty of other homeowners out there that would love your old items. You donate just about anything, including cabinets, appliances, doors and windows, flooring materials, lighting, and even lumber.

Recycle More Than Just Paper and Plastic

When people think recycling, paper, and plastic are often the only materials that come to mind. This is simply not that case, and it’s good news for renovation-happy homeowners. Many recycling companies will take materials like metal, ceramic, drywall, pipes, textiles, porcelain, and other materials. Even if you don’t give them to a recycling facility, there are certainly instances where you can reuse these materials in other renovation projects.  

Call In the Pros

If you feel stuck with this whole recycle business, that’s okay. This is exactly why we have professionals at our disposal. There are professionals out there that deal specifically with renovation waste. Research some local recycling programs in your area and take advantage, especially if your contractor does not offer such services. These programs are great for the DIY home remodeler. Your waste will be disposed of properly and efficiently if you go through a recycling program.

Congratulations on your new home renovation. You will be able to make all sorts of new memories and have new adventures in your gorgeous, freshly remodeled home. Once the buzz of the reno wears off, don’t forget about recycling your waste. Donate what you can, recycle even the oddest of materials, and contact your local recycling professionals and check out their programs. You’ll love your new home, and Mother Nature will love your recycling efforts. Win-win.

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