Key Ring 2015 Holiday Shopping Habits Survey


Key Ring 2015

Thanks in part to new consumer insights developed from its exclusive 2015 Holiday Shopping Habits Survey, Key Ring enhanced and improved the overall user experience to make the industry-leading shopping solution app smarter, faster and easier than ever to use – and millions of Americans will be using it this week and especially on Black Friday.


“Shoppers told us that saving money is number one, and to do that they are willing to plan and organize,” said Key Ring co-founder and CEO Chris Fagan. “But since time is limited, and because there are so many competing deals, they need a total shopping solution. In other words, they ‘want it all’ in one app.” Download or update Key Ring free for your iPhone or Android.


Highlights from the Key Ring 2015 Holiday Shopping Habits Survey:


Top 5 Ways Key Ring Shoppers Report Saving $65 Million a Month*

  1. 78% will use a loyalty card, stored in Key Ring app, to save money
  2. 67% use the app to browse weekly store ads
  3. 62% always or frequently use the app to create shopping lists
  4. 60% use it to browse exclusive deals and sales
  5. 59% use it to search for store coupons

*Key Ring users report individual savings of $51 per month


 Top 5 Holiday In-Demand Items Reported by Key Ring Shoppers


  1. 84% report they will be buying clothing/apparel
  2. 67% will spend most buying toys, games and books
  3. 65% will spend most on consumer electronics
  4. 49% on food/groceries
  5. 34% on health/beauty items


The Key Ring 2015 Holiday Shopping Habits Survey is based on information provided by 3,109 – 3,332 respondents in a variety of categories in October of 2015.


With the Black Friday shopping frenzy in full swing this week, shoppers looking for accurate and timely information are turning to Key Ring. Key Ring features exclusive circular feeds from over 150 retailers including big retailers such as Target, Kohl’s, Toys ‘R Us, Staples and more. Download or update Key Ring free via iPhone or Android mobile devices.

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