Key Ring Shoppers Winning Big on Last Minute Holiday Deals

Key Ring Shoppers

According to national news accounts, American shoppers are betting that the best door-busting holiday deals may still be yet to come from brick-and-mortar retailers. Deal hunters who download and use the newly improved, and free Key Ring shopping app to their smartphones are uniquely positioned to win big when that happens. Why is this the case?


The intelligence firm ShopperTrak recently reported a 10.4 percent decrease in in-store sales over the four-day BlackFriday weekend, signaling the elongation of the holiday shopping season.


Additionally, in the two weeks before Christmas, prices to ship online purchases will begin rising, according to some estimates, by 15 percent each day after December 15, providing increasing incentive to shop in-store. Eventually, on-time shipping will no longer be possible.


Finally, in a study released this year on December 6, by America’s Research Group, Ltd. reports that more people will literally wait until December 24th to finish their Christmas shopping, a 12-year high.


“Clearly shopping patterns are evolving this year,” said Key Ring CEO Chris Fagan. “If the major retailers slash prices closer to Christmas, as many shoppers are hoping and retail experts are speculating about, then deal hunters who have Key Ring on their smartphones will have a decisive edge during that last minute rush.”


How Key Ring users will plan, save and organize last minute holiday shopping

  • They will access in-store real-time deal circulars including Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, Toys ‘R Us, Staples and more.
  • Use the My Key Ring in-app tab – all their loyalty cards stored in one place
  • Create Last Minute Holiday Shopping Lists, and use the Unpurchased Items indicator to help them keep track of what still need to be purchased
  • Search better – zero in on a specific store or product and get the best price in-app
  • Follow stores and use the Quick Add button – super simple when they find one in search but do not already have a loyalty card, so they don’t miss any deals
  • Check the Trending tab for last minute inspiration – to see the hottest deals
  • Score via the Nearby tab – once inspired they’ll find it at a store nearby
  • Track the Key Ring blog for tips and advice on last minute holiday shopping

According to Key Ring customer insight surveys, users save $51 a month on average, possibly more during the holidays given the additional volume of shopping.


More than 13.5 million people have downloaded the Key Ring app free for iPhone or Android, saving a total of more than $65 million dollars across the network of users. The use of smartphones in mobile shopping is increasing dramatically and the Key Ring all-in-one shopping app solution is one of the primary reasons why.

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