Ladies Only: Tips for Hosting a Girls’ Night In
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Ladies Only: Tips for Hosting a Girls’ Night In

Ladies Only: Tips for Hosting a Girls’ Night In

Some friendships are just for a season, and others are for a lifetime. No matter the season or time of life, don’t forget to prioritize your need for strong friendships. I like to make sure I set aside time once in a while to collect my best girls for an evening of venting, laughing, and crying when necessary. Life is busy and tough. Don’t underestimate the therapy a night with the girls can provide. Use my tips for hosting a girls’ night in, and start making it a regular occurrence.

Keep It Simple, Sister

Back in my day, we referred to keep it simple, sister as KISS. Age-old advice never gets old. Keep it simple indeed; otherwise, it won’t happen. Your besties don’t need anything fancy. They need you.

When I start fretting over making everything perfect, I take a deep breath and imagine someone else is hosting at their house. I think about whether I’d judge them for not serving finger sandwiches on linen doilies. Of course I wouldn’t! Hot dogs and beer are fine with me! Try these ideas to keep your gathering simple and casual.

  • Have everyone bring a snack or dish to pass and remind them there is no pressure for homemade items (unless they enjoy it). Plenty of women are working and don’t have time to make cookies from scratch.
  • Declare the event a sweatpants or pajama night. If y’all want instant giggles, there’s nothing like seeing ladies arrive at the door in their flannel PJs, carrying a package of Oreos and a box of wine. Seriously, though, this idea ensures everyone knows upfront that tonight is about being together. No pressure to be perfect.
  • Clean the house but don’t become the wicked witch from the west, scolding the kids for their disorganized closets. Your friends aren’t going to look in the closets! A decent bathroom and a swipe with the lint roller to remove pet hair from the furniture should do just fine.

Let the Good Times Flow

I think it’s nice to offer plenty of drink options since not everyone will want to indulge in alcohol. I like to make a pitcher of lemonade and have water available to ensure everyone stays hydrated and has nonalcoholic choices.

As for my party gals, I check on the stash the week before my event to see what needs replenishing. I find it helpful to keep the basic liquor needs around along with the necessary fruits and sodas to make various mixed drinks to ensure spontaneous good times are not a problem. If you do serve cocktails, please encourage your guests to use designated drivers or Uber.

Set the Mood

The moment your friends walk in the door, they’ll understand your agenda for the night by what’s playing through your stereo system.

If y’all graduated together, crank up those 80s ballads (or tunes from whatever decade you claim). It’s a fun gesture that will get the night going. Watch your friends slowly exhale as the cares of the week quickly diminish. It’s their time now.

In conclusion, hosting a girls’ night in doesn’t have to be stressful. Make it as complicated or simple as you like. Remember what you expect from a host and try to replicate it—all you really need is some company and the joy of friendship.

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