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Laundry Room Art

AFM Champagne 2


I loved to spend time on  Pinterest but when I am looking I am always trying to figure out how to put my spin on things that I find. When I was revamping my laundry room, I wanted to replace the artwork in there. But there was no way that I could have afforded to buy new laundry room art. I was strolling through Pinterest one day and happened to find some chalkboard art. I thought why can’t I make some of my own. I had some framed art that I thought why can’t I reuse this and to make it work. I first started removing the artwork from the frame and then painted the frame a gray color. I took some cardboard and covered it with chalkboard contact paper and then with chalkboard markers that I had gotten from a review and went about creating my piece of art. I chose a pink marker because I just thought the softer tones looked better but it wasn’t after several attempts with other colors did I finally decided on the pink. I searched Pinterest once again and found the perfect sayings. After numerous attempts of writing and erasing, writing and erasing and repeat and repeat. I finally came up with a not so perfect version of the saying I would convey. I love my artwork and every time that I am in the laundry room I get a sense of pride in a job that I did all by myself.  So even if you can be a novice like me, you can still make something that is simple yet elegant. Just use the items that you already have on hand and you can have champagne style on a bare budget.Remember less can best. And use Pinterest as a place to find inspiration as a starting point, but try to make your version.

3 Comments on “Laundry Room Art

  1. We have a small laundry room right now, but we are shopping for a new house and I am hoping for a bigger one. it seems like large laundry rooms are a trend in many newer homes. I’d love a big one with some pretty laundry room art too!

  2. I love this! I am just starting to re do our laundry room and something like this would be perfect!

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