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Let’s Begin With Flowers

photo 2(1) Champagne Style does not need to mean that you have to break the bank to create it. In my first post about how to create this style and to show you how simple it is to obtain, I am letting you know anything can look fabulous if you add some gorgeous flowers to your décor. If you think that you cannot make your own floral arrangements then you are wrong. Having fresh flowers can bring even the dullest space to life. Here is an easy way to make your own arrangements.

First you need to invest in fabulous looking vases. That in itself can be very daunting. But if you search yard sales and thrift stores you should be able to find some that can help you exhibit the style you want in your space. Next invest in some transparent tape. I know you thinking what am I talking about – just follow along and you will see.

So now you have your fabulous vase, now you need some fabulous flowers to display. Now fresh flowers don’t have to break the bank I have found some gorgeous flowers at Walmart remember you are looking for quality over name brand. Don’t get caught up in labels because if you do than that bare budget will become even barer. If you can’t afford fresh flowers check for a few quality artificial blooms, some dollar stores have awesome selections.

So now you have your flowers, your vase and your tape, ready to get started. First if you are using fresh flowers fill your vase with water. Then  using your tape make a grid over the opening of your vase. This will allow you to space out the flowers like you want. You just need to  place one flower into the opening on the grid.

photo 1(3)

Using this trick you will have a fabulous display. Check out the blog tomorrow when I tell you how to make your flowers look better.

photo 3(1)

Sending you Champagne Dreams

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  1. What an awesome idea! I have to do this. My flowers are always leaning up against the sides and just look blah! I will definitely do this next time – ingenious! 🙂

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