Which List Are You on This Year?

Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? The folks over at Karina Dresses say it doesn’t matter, as long as you on the self love list! They are constantly striving to create dresses that make all women look great and feel great – no matter their shape or size. Because, at the end of the day, the goal is to inspire self-love in women all around the world!


Since the holiday season is upon us, they want to help you to find the perfect dress – one that can go from day to night, party to party, without ever wrinkling or looking sloppy! And it will account for an extra pound (or two or five) you might put on during the season. From, 12/5 to 12/7, they are marking down all holiday dresses from $158 to $99. So, grab a classic polka dot or timeless solid from the Karina Classics Collection or fun, funky print from the Fall 2014 Collection and celebrate your holidays in style!

Karina Dresses was founded in 2007, based upon fashion industry veteran, Karina Cousineau’s, vision of creating dresses for every woman. She knew there was a real need for a fashion line that makes every body (and everybody) feel and look great no matter what shape or size. A line that made every woman feel like a Frockstar™. Handmade in New York from limited edition fabrics, Karina Dresses creates a custom collection that is both classic and fashion-forward. Through a deep dialogue with retailers and direct clients, Karina takes a “slow fashion” approach, patiently nurturing dresses with artisanal attention to fit, fabric and construction.

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