How to Living in the City with a Pup

How to: Living in the City with a Pup

How to Living in the City with a Pup

Dogs don’t need a big backyard to lead a happy, healthy life, but living in an urban environment does provide unique challenges and circumstances of pet parenting.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has put together 4 tips to consider with a dog in the big city:

  1. The best dog breeds for apartments

Take into consideration personality and energy level when choosing a breed or mix to bring into an urban environment. Some breeds that typically do well include (*Full list below):

  • Bulldogs
  • Greyhounds
  • Terriers
  1. Pet fire safety

  • Create a game plan that can save you and your dogs’ lives. Below is a list of eight simple ways you can make sure you and your pup are safe in the event of a fire.
  1. Getting your pet through the city

  • Most ride-sharing services allow pets. Call your driver after confirmation to make sure they are comfortable with having a pet in their vehicle.
  • If you need to use public transportation services like a bus or train, check online first to confirm their pet policy.
  • If you need a vehicle on the spot and have a driver’s license, companies like Zipcar or car2go offer by-the-hour car rentals. Check with your preferred provider, as many allow pets but they’re required to ride in carriers (see Zipcar’s policy).
  1. Dog park etiquette

  • Know how your dog reacts to and interacts with other dogs before trying out a new park.
  • Make sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations before entering a dog park.

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