Make Love: DIY Gifts To Give Your Partner on Valentine’s Day
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Make Love: DIY Gifts To Give Your Partner on Valentine’s Day

Make Love: DIY Gifts To Give Your Partner on Valentine’s Day

Even when it comes to gifting, my husband and I are always trying to stretch a dollar. Y’all know how it is with three kids and a couple of fur babies running around. We’re so thankful that a specific holiday exists to let us celebrate the love we have for each other.

Coming up with DIY gifts to give your partner on Valentine’s Day is exciting and fun. I feel blessed that we get to enjoy a hobby and share it with loved ones and readers.

Put Together a DIY Gift Basket

One of my favorite ways to please a gift recipient is to grab a box, bag, or basket and fill it with all their favorite goodies. Having a theme in mind makes the gift (and the giving) a heck of a lot more fun. Your partner might appreciate a wine-themed gift basket, a coffee-themed basket, or a new set of crafting supplies.

Make Homemade Baked Goods

Whoever said the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach may have been eating chocolate, strawberries, figs, or chili peppers. To spice up Valentine’s Day, I like to incorporate these ingredients into my husband’s treats, whether I’m making sweet breads, cookies, or donuts. Packaging or displaying your goodies on a festive tray or in a cute container makes the gift even more special.

Create a Love Book

Sometimes, I love to get out my crafting supplies and set myself a project. Crafting a simple photo book, memory album, or coupon book shows that you put a great deal of time and thought into your gift, no matter the final product. I have loved every craft project my kids have made for me, and your partner is going to love anything you create for them because it will have come from your heart.

Customize a Day of Relaxation Together

Nothing says romance like massages, jacuzzi baths, and warm beds. I suggest y’all find a quiet part of the house or send the kids to their grandparents’ place if you can. Keep it budget-friendly by making the bath salts, bubbles, and bath bombs. My husband and I enjoy adding a little romance to a relaxing evening by lighting candles and turning on music.

Some holidays seem like they are all about money, but you can prove that love doesn’t cost a thing with these DIY gifts to give your partner on Valentine’s Day. Even on a budget, you can still show your loved one how special they are to you.

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