Make Your Kid's Lunch the Envy of the Class
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Make Your Kid’s Lunch the Envy of the Class

Remember those school days when we’d secretly peek into our lunchboxes, hoping to find something other than that same-old PB&J, and that was the best we could hope for? Well, times have changed, and lunchbox swag is at an all-time high. That being the case, if you are looking to make your little one’s lunch the talk of the cafeteria, here are a few things you can do:

Make Your Kid's Lunch the Envy of the Class

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That being the case, if you are looking to make your little one’s lunch the talk of the cafeteria, here are a few things you can do:

1. Rainbow Wraps

Kids love rainbows, so you’ll be on to a winner if their lunch resembles one, for sure. Start with a colorful tortilla (spinach green or beetroot pink, anyone?), then pack it with veggies of every shade: red peppers, yellow corn, green lettuce, and purple cabbage. Finish off by drizzling it with their favorite dressing and wrapping it up tight, What a way to cause a stir and get the kids eating their veggies!

2. Themed Days: A Week of Wonder

Mexican Monday with mini tacos, Terrifically Italian Tuesday with bite-sized pizza muffins, Wondrous World Wednesday featuring sushi rolls or Greek salad… You get the drift. Themes for school lunches not only make planning easier but give kiddos something to look forward to! You can bet their classmates will all be gathered around to see what they’re eatin’ each day too!

3. Meal Kits for Kids: The Modern Lunchbox Lifesaver

Have you seen those fabulous meal kits for adults? Guess what – they have them for kids now! Pre-portioned, nutritious, and diverse, these kits are a godsend for busy mornings. Not only that, but these meal kits for kids let the children build their own lunch bag, which will make the process fun, and it might just encourage them to try a more diverse range of foods than they have been willing to in the past!

4. Cookie-Cutter Creativity

Who said cookie cutters are just for cookies? You can very easily jazz up fruits, sandwiches, and even veggies with fun shapes by simply wielding a cookie cutter on them, This is great for encouraging those fussy kids to eat their veggies and not leave their sandwiches all day to go soggy. You could even create works of art with your meals!

5. Lunchbox Notes

Tuck a little note or a joke into their lunchbox. It’s a mid-day reminder of your love (and your awesome sense of humor) that will have them counting down the seconds to lunch every day. Just make sure not to write anything that might embarrass them! “Why was the math book sad? It had too many problems!” Groans and giggles are guaranteed.

6. A Little Treat

Every now and then, surprise them with a mini treat. A bite-sized brownie, a mini muffin, or a tiny bag of their favorite chips will perk them up in no time at all and make lunches more exciting because they’ll never ever know what they are going to get!

As you can see, there are lots of simple tricks you can employ to ensure your kid’s lunch is not only the envy of the class but something they will actively want to eat because skipping lunch really isn’t great for kids. So, what are you waiting for?

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