Must Have Free Apps For Working Parents
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Must Have Free Apps For Working Parents

Must Have Free Apps For Working Parents

Many people will be all too familiar with how difficult this situation can be when a long day at the office is followed by an evening of completing household tasks. This infographic from HappyCleans takes you through how to make life a bit easier with the help of apps.

The truth of the matter is that you shouldn’t be completing all of the tasks by yourself and the kids should at least chip in a bit. Apps such as Happy Kids Timer can help you out as it encourages younger kids to get involved. They are encouraged to brush their teeth with a series of fun animation and music.

Another very useful app is Chorma as it turns household tasks into a competition. Everyone in the family earns points based on how many tasks they complete and you’d be surprised how involved kids get when it turns into a competition. Okay, you might still have to do the majority of tasks, but even if they help a little it’ll be less work for you to do.

Travelling with family can also become a stressful experience if you’re not organized. You’re the person responsible for remembering everything and with a bunch of hyperactive kids, it can become a bit overwhelming. An app called TripCase might help you out as it lets you save all the information relating to your holiday in one place. Using this will ensure you and your family arrive for your vacation without half the stress.

All of the apps in the infographic are free so why not download a few of them today. Play around with them to see if they’re in any way useful. If they aren’t all you have to do is tap the uninstall button! They seem to get great reviews so hopefully at least one of them will be of some use.

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