Must-Know Tips on How to Upgrade Your Instagram
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Must-Know Tips on How to Upgrade Your Instagram

Must-Know Tips on How to Upgrade Your Instagram from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

I hate to admit it, y’all, but I love social media. It’s a great way to connect with my gals during these crazy times. I also love getting outfit inspo or interior design tips. However, I was a little embarrassed when I was scrolling through my pictures the other day. My Instagram profile was rather dull and not as cool as I wanted it to be. One day, I got serious about updating my feed, so I can present the image I want to the world. Here are my tips on how to upgrade your Instagram so that the likes come flooding in.

Lighting Is Key

The first thing everyone should know is that lighting plays a major role in taking like-worthy photos. Looking back on my feed, I was ashamed of how much I neglected lighting in previous posts. Now, it’s the first thing I check before snapping a picture. When I’m inside, I make sure that I’m surrounded by LED lightbulbs. LEDs are perfect for photography because they last longer, and they’re available in a variety of colors. That way, I can get a dynamic shot based off the lightbulb alone. When I’m outside, I always adjust my phone to account for the brightness of the sun.

Interesting Subjects

I’m sorry, y’all, but if I see one more photo of someone’s lunch, I’m going to snap. I’m guilty of posting lackluster pictures as well, but that habit is in the past. From now on, I will only take pictures of interesting things around me. For example, I posted a pic of a beautiful mural I saw while I was out on a walk the other day. It quickly became one of my most-liked snapshots. I’ve also found that living in the moment has improved my feed. Typically, when I post a picture of myself doing something I enjoy, that mood translates in the photo. When people see that I’m happy or that something stimulates me, they shoot me a like.

Words Matter

I look back on some of the captions I wrote for older posts, and I wonder what I was thinking. If you’re wondering how to upgrade your Instagram, you could start by putting more thought into your captions. Although Instagram is a picture-centric site, you can use the caption tool underneath to express what that photo means to you. Now, if I post a selfie, I express my feelings and the reasons behind it. I’ve also used the platform to share my favorite quotes and song lyrics. Consider your captions carefully—don’t be like me and suffer through secondhand embarrassment later.

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