#NationalBreastfeedingMonth with Tommee Tippee
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#NationalBreastfeedingMonth with Tommee Tippee

#NationalBreastfeedingMonth with Tommee Tippee

This month, Tommee Tippee is partnering with Mamava, the geniuses behind hundreds of pumping and breastfeeding pods across the country in honor of National Breastfeeding Month. The two have joined forces in an effort to make the culture of breastfeeding more optimistic, realistic, accommodating, and inviting to all moms. Tommee Tippee and Mamava will be surprising moms across the U.S. with #RandomActsofBreastfeeding this month by leaving goodie bags in Mamava pods around the country.

Tommee Tippee and Mamava will also host a Facebook Live at the end of the month to talk about the realities of #breastfeeding, answer live questions, and giveaway prizes from inside a Mamava pod!

As breastfeeding has been an increasingly important topic, Tommee Tippee has continued to support breastfeeding moms by offering a number of breastfeeding products that make life easier for moms, and even redesigning the country’s scariest office pumping space this past June.

Tommee Tippee’s Scary Pump Room’s contest in June raised awareness about the need for functional, comfortable, and accessible pump rooms for working moms. Tommee Tippee asked employers to take a pledge to improve their office pumping spaces and redesigned the scariest pump room in America, which was an elementary school computer server room that is now a beautiful pump room decked out with breast pumping necessities.

For all breastfeeding moms, Tommee Tippee’s Pump and Go provides well-deserved freedom and flexibility to pump wherever and whenever making the entire breast pumping process easier. By using a single pouch to pump, store, warm and feed, there’s no need to move milk at any stage and moms avoid losing any of that liquid gold!

Share your photos and posts about #NBM17 on social media to be a lucky winner of a #ParentOn perk prize, and don’t forget to tune into the Facebook live to receive live prizes and get your #breastfeeding questions answered!

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