New Glasses, New You with Warby Parker

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glasses girls

Need new glasses? Don’t have time to shop? Warby Parker has the answer! With their Home Try-On program, you can pick your top five styles, including styles from their new Spring 2015 Collection from Warby Parker, and have them shipped to your house for free. You can then try them on and test them out in the comfort of your home and get feedback from friends and family.

When you are done just ship them back and purchase the pair, you couldn’t live without! The Warby Parker Home Try-On Program makes shopping for eyeglasses a breeze.The Daisy in Aurelia Tortoise, one of my personal favorites is below.

warby parker tortoise

I will have to say that my girls and I took advantage of the try-on program, and we were mildly surprised not only at the quality of the glasses but also the selection and the up to date styles. You can read about the try on the program on my other blog Adventures of Frugal Mom. It will be without a doubt the next place that we order our glasses from. We would have ordered from this year, but all of us had just purchased glasses before we had heard of this program.

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