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A New Kind of Lesson Planning

Lesson planning


FormSwift’s lesson plan templates were originally designed to satisfy The Common Core Standards, but they can be used for all intents and purposes.

form swift

The overall workflow of these templates is very straightforward. Click on one of the three subjects for which you want to create a lesson plan and you will be directed to its respective page.

create lesson

Continue by clicking the green button at the center of the page and you will be brought to the live template.

lesson design template

Simply click anywhere on the document and a text box will appear. You can easily adjust the font style and size by using the drop-down menus, as well as bold or italicize the text using the appropriate buttons. If you want to delete the text box you created, simply click on the red trash icon and it will disappear. If you find certain pre-existing parts of the template to be superfluous, use the ‘Eraser’ function, which is located in the upper left-hand corner of the builder. Highlight any portion of the page using the ‘Eraser’ tool to white-out that section.

Next to ‘Eraser’ tool, you will find several more useful options. By clicking on the ‘Image’ button, you will be directed on how to upload an image to the template. Under the ‘Text’ drop down menu, there are options to add symbols, such as checkmarks, which often comes in handy.

Finally, once you are done making your revisions, you can either print the document directly from the builder or, download the lesson plan as a Word doc or a PDF and save it to your computer. After you try out our lesson plan tool, please feel free to test out our other free document tools, such as our business plan builder.

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