New Look For Swagbucks Earn SBs


From this point on they are no longer using “Swag Bucks” to talk about their online reward currency. They are being replaced  with points called SB. The reason for this change is that users have experienced confusion between Swagbucks the brand and “Swag Bucks” the currency. So they have  created a shortened name, SB, that represents their brand and it will be used  across the website in all areas.

sb website

I will honestly say that I love this online website. But somehow I have forgotten about using it in the past year. You can search the web, purchase items as well take polls and other items to earn SB.

These SBs can be redeemed for cash, gift cards as well as my favorite Amazon gift cards. I practically live on Amazon so that this right up my alley. As you can see by my above screenshot I only have 39 SB’s but that is because I just cashed out this past week to help pay for my Amazon addiction and the Christmas shopping that I have already started. Yep I said the Christmas shopping that I already started. It is never to early to start shopping for Christmas.  If you haven’t heard of SB before and want to sign up you can go here to register. I promise that you won’t regret signing up and this will be one search engine that will help you earn.

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