No Fuss Budget Date Night Ideas
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No Fuss Budget Date Night Ideas

There is often a misconception for the early dating days, and in some circles, that how good a date is, is based on what someone spent on making it happen. But since growing long-term relationships have to have a solid base of communication and support – blowing a budget on a date might not always be the way to go! And for those who have been together for a long time and have children and other commitments – the time is worth more than anything. Let’s face it – getting a date on a budget is not always easy, which means you’ll need to work on your creativity to get something good!  So here are some no-fuss budget date night ideas.

No Fuss Budget Date Night Ideas

So let’s take a look at some of the best budget options. 

Sun, Moon, and Stars

If you live in the inner city, your view of the stars and moon is typically going to be blighted by the lights of the city. Pack up a picnic, and head out of the city limits to a hill or somewhere that is less busy with people. 

You could watch the sunset, or rise, watch the moon trail across the sky, or the stars come out. Just remember to pack a blanket! 


Perhaps childcare is tough to come by, but while they’re in school, you have options! Matinee movies are cheaper than their evening versions, which can be a huge saving – as much as 50%! 

Depending on where you live, you might also have the luxury of theatres nearby that offer reduced-price viewings for the afternoon. 

You might want to skip the snacks, though, because they are notorious for adding a huge cost to otherwise reasonably priced date options. 

Taco Tuesday 

Or taco any day, for that matter. Any day that offers a discount is a winner, and it is even better if there are burritos or tacos involved. Paying full price for a meal is cool, but getting top-notch flavors at a better price is a must for the ultimate date night. You might even find that taco nights become a fixed monthly date for you.

Follow local restaurants on social media so you can see their deals! Another great option is to look for all-you-can-eat buffets; because of the set price, you can eat until your heart (and stomachs) are content! 

Slam Poetry or Live Music 

If there is nothing that you or your partner love more than words or music, then look for local listings for live music or slam poetry. Poetry evenings aren’t typically expensive, although you should always buy a drink of some type at the bar to help support. Free live music is a great way to hear something new and unwind – even when it’s heavy metal. 


When was the last time you played a board game? You could find a local place that holds board game nights – or buy your own one and set a weekly time slot to play together—Scrabble, Risk, Catan, or Chess. 

All are great options and allow for snacks and conversation at the same time. 
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