Noises Cars Make and What They Mean from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Noises Cars Make and What They Mean

Noises Cars Make and What They Mean from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

First off, I’m no car mechanic. Shoot, I barely know a hood from a hubcap. But I do know that when a car stars making a banging, hissing, knocking or grinding sounds, something’s likely to cost me money! If you hear some of these noises cars make, y’all, haul on down to your favorite auto shop and find out what’s going on. Then ask them to tell you how much it will cost to fix it. Then ask them for some smelling salts, or if they could show you to the fainting couch. Here are some car noises and what they mean (or might mean–only your trusted mechanic knows for sure and as I just said, I’m no mechanic!).

Squealing or Grinding When You Brake

Apparently, brakes should start squealing a little, as a warning, when the pads are wearing out. Take the car in before the squealing turns into grinding, because if you hear a sound like metal grinding on metal when you brake, there’s no pad left, and your brakes are close to failing for good. If you’re fond of stopping the car before it crashes into things, take it in ASAP.

Roaring Like a Jet When You Accelerate

This could be a problem with the exhaust system that makes the engine work harder. It could be something’s wrong with the transmission, and the car isn’t shifting when it should. Further, if it’s a car with manual transmission (how quaint!), the clutch might be slipping. Bring your smelling salts with you to the mechanic for this one.

Banging, Rattling or Whining from Under the Car

Do you know that sound blue jeans make in the dryer when the metal buttons bang against the drum? You’re not supposed to hear a sound like that from under your car. It could be a small rock or bit of road debris that got trapped in the wheel or hubcap. Additionally, it might be your wheel bearings are wearing down or the wheel was put on wrong when you replaced it after that little incident with the curb. Bearings that aren’t working right also make howling or whining sounds. Serenade your mechanic with your best imitation.

AHH! There’s a Snake in My Garage!

More likely if you hear hissing after you turn off the car, something’s leaking and hissing because it is dripping on something hot, such as the engine before it drips onto the ground. Take a look and note the color of whatever greasy goo seems to have deposited itself on your garage floor or in your driveway. Take the car in and tell them about the hissing and the goo and what color it is. Look it up first so you know what color corresponds to what kind of fluid, so you’ll have an idea if your mechanic thinks they know what’s going on. There are plenty of other bad noises cars make that could mean something needs fixing.  Here’s hoping your ride is a quiet one!

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