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Odd Jobs That May Actually Be Worth the Effort


Security of tenure applies to every job, even the really weird ones. Most people never really look up the odd jobs, only the usual ones. Of course, maybe not many employers choose to advertise those odd jobs. However, these odd jobs might even pay more than the usual job.

Here are some odd jobs that might (or actually) are worth applying for.


Furniture testers

Since machines can’t tell how comfortable something is, they hire people to sit on these new pieces of furniture and give feedback to the makers. This can help makers improve on their products and maybe use more comfortable materials such as cloth, or how the designs should complement the body, or how low the seats should be. On average, the people being paid to sit on the furniture make $31,000 a year. Wow!


Golf ball Divers

To be able to qualify as a golf ball diver, you’d have to really love treasure hunting, and you’ve got to have a lot–a whole lot–of balls. Why? Well, in those bodies of water in golf courses, there are snakes, snapping turtles, and even alligators. That’s why they make $50,000 to $100,000 a year.


Professional Snugglers

Many have argued that this is a kind of prostitution but there is absolutely no sex. Just cuddling. And they make a whopping $60 an hour. Anybody up for snuggles?


Paper towel sniffers

When you feel like that sheet of paper towel you just pulled from the box smells like something you can’t point out, would you use it? Of course, you won’t. Nobody likes smelly tissues. And the reason why your paper towels are so beautifully odor free is because people are hired to actually smell those paper towels and make sure they don’t smell like anything. They can make anywhere between $19,000 to $50,000 a year. Maybe if you’ve got such advanced olfactory senses you can try it out.


Pet food testers

People have admitted they’ve eaten dog biscuits without realizing what it was. They’ve also admitted that they enjoyed said dog biscuits. People are hired by pet food manufacturers to see if the treats taste good. Don’t worry, the testers spit out the food, of course. They also check the nutrition the snacks give your favorite furballs and if they’re actually healthy.



Some people think this might be terrifying, but embalmers say you get used to it. They prepare a person’s body for burial and maybe put on some makeup and make them look like they’re sleeping. The way isn’t too bad either. They make $45,000.

If you’re planning on applying for any of these odd jobs, go right ahead! The pay isn’t too shabby either, and maybe even more than what you’re making now.


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