More Than One Way to Wear a Scarf

Scarves have become an important accessory for my girls and myself. I was not much into wearing them until I saw what a difference they made in the outfits my daughters wore. Some days they were the pop of color that was needed to bring their outfit to life and on other days they were the needed accessory to dress up the outfit. Scarves are a very inexpensive way to add a bit of interest to any outfit. But did you know there are more than one way to wear a scarf? Here are five ways that you can wear a scarf. I brought an extra-long scarf back in October at a local store but you can find a similar one here.

You can simply wear it wrapped around your neck. This way can also double as a wrap on chilly nights. Just drape it around your shoulders.

Regular scarf

You can wrap it around your neck and then make a slip knot in the front.

Scarf knot

Wrap it around your neck and criss cross it around the front and secure it with a belt. You can either use a plain belt or a fancy one, it just depends on what look you are trying to achieve. I used a simple plain brown leather belt for this.

Scarf with Vest

Wear it as a vest just simply knot the back. Confused on how to do this? Don’t worry tomorrow I will show you how to make a scarf into a vest with a few simple adjustments.

Ways to Wear A Scarf Vest

Lastly you can wrap it around your neck twice. Just simply place the scarf with the edging hanging down your back and then wrap it around to achieve the look pictured below.

Ways to Wear Scarf Wrap Around

These are just a few ways to wear a scarf. Check back tomorrow when I show you how to make a vest out of a scarf no sewing required.


6 Comments on “More Than One Way to Wear a Scarf

  1. scarfs are so fashionable these days. love the colors and styles. my daughter knits her own and I’m amazed how nice they are.

    the belt idea is nice. gives it a more formal look.

  2. I love wearing scarves! Love the tip for wearing it with a belt. Will be trying this out soon. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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