Planning a Dream Wedding Without the Nightmare Bills
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Planning a Dream Wedding Without the Nightmare Bills

Every couple wishes for a wedding day that will live long in the memory, filled with moments that make you laugh and cry for all the right reasons. However, all too often, the day can quickly turn into a financial nightmare, with costs for things you hadn’t even considered. That’s why it’s vitally important to put in place some strategic planning and canny decisions and ensure that you get to have the dream wedding without the nightmare bills.

Planning a Dream Wedding Without the Nightmare Bills

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Setting a budget that’s realistic (and sticking to it)

A wedding budget should be made with recognition of the fact that it’s a special day and should be marked as such, so it’s not a time for penny-pinching. But, having allowed for the fact that it won’t be cheap, it is important to agree that the generous budget doesn’t become a runaway budget. After all, the day is about celebrating love, and you don’t need to invite financial ruin to show your love.

DIY where you can

If you want the wedding to be memorable for the right reasons, then some aspects are naturally going to have to be left to the experts, with the costs that come with that. However, there is a lot that can be done yourself or by some well-wishing friends of the wedding party. Invitations can always be hand-made, and aspects of the decor can be crafted too – centerpieces and banners for the reception don’t need to cut too deep into the budget; where you spend is as important as what you spend.

Smart borrowing for the bigger costs

If you’re set on a showpiece wedding, then you need to recognize that it comes at a cost and be realistic as to what you can pay for conventionally. For some other aspects of the budget, smart and targeted borrowing can be a reasonable way to go. If you choose the right lender for your short term installment loan, you can borrow just enough to make the wedding you want possible, without being saddled with the resulting debt when you’re celebrating your silver wedding anniversary. Spending, and even borrowing, to have the perfect wedding day is not a sin, but it does need to be done in the understanding that it’s smart spending and borrowing.

Think of borrowing as a way to extend your budget, not multiply it, and you can make restrained compromises that don’t turn your big day into a financial regret.

Be on the lookout for deals and discounts

There is nothing wrong with showing some financial prudence on your big day. If you can get lower prices on any part of the occasion, then go for it. Some venues will offer discounts during off-peak times. Using the same room for the sit-down meal and the reception can also shave off some costs. Don’t be shy about asking for the best price and even haggling a little bit; as long as you aren’t asking for the impossible, it’s something most people do.

Your wedding is an important day, but in all truth, it isn’t even the most important day of your marriage. So you shouldn’t feel you need to spend more than you can to make it more special. It’s already pretty special!

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