Red Living Rooms Interior Design Ideas
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Red Living Rooms Interior Design Ideas

Red is naturally a bold color to design a living room. But, while decorating interiors with striking and vibrant shade, you can’t add a few charming pieces together. They will not work as per the theme and color. Red is an eye-catching and loud color. So, if you use it attentively, then only everything will work well, and it will not overpower your space.

While designing the red living room, focus on walls to transform a mediocre space into a stunning living room. There are various unique ways to glam up the living room walls to correctly balance out your red scheme. Some of them are listed below:

Red Walls in the Living Room

Red Living Rooms Interior Design Ideas

Do you want to create a style statement with your living room interiors? If yes, go for red-colored walls. It is an excellent idea to revive the sense of boldness and glamor to the space. You can paint the walls with red color but make sure to team them with white or neutral color furniture items. It will balance the living room look.

Paste a Characterful Wallpaper

If you want to incorporate red into the living room, the easiest way is to paste a patterned wallpaper in red. Moreover, the pattern helps to fix the color block. Therefore, this way is more subtle to use a dominant red color. However, the term subtle totally depends on the wallpaper pattern you select.

Hang a Vibrant Artwork

Red Living Rooms Interior Design Ideas

You can use artwork to complement the colors already present in the room. You can do it easily by adding red wall art to the room. It will inject a new tone into the already existing palette. So, hang a large red canvas print on a living room wall to make your space look glamorous. The more significant artwork you use, the more it will stand out. 

Introduce a Wall Sculpture

Most living rooms have enough vertical space to hang more than one piece of artwork. So, why not use that blank canvas to introduce a stunning wall sculpture. It will make your wall look unique and pleasing to the eyes. For instance, if you have a floral theme, combine it with a handcrafted red rose flower sculpture. It will make a great addition to the interiors.

Balance Bold Red-Colored Walls with Soothing White

Create a feature wall in the living room with a captivating, vibrant red color on one wall. But, paint other walls with a neutral or white shade. Also, try to break the tradition of placing a feature wall above a fireplace or TV if possible. Instead, paint the wall with bold red color and paint the window frame with neutral or white shade.

Hang a Red-Colored Wall Clock

Do you want to decorate a living room charmingly? Well, hang an oversized red-colored wall clock on the wall painted with neutral or light shade. The red-colored wall clock is a timeless décor item that will create a focal point in the living room. Moreover, it will become a good topic of discussion for the visitors.

Install a Lighting Fixture to Accentuate the Red Living Room

Red Living Rooms Interior Design Ideas

Lighting plays a vital role in the living room décor. It is not only for functional purposes. But you can also use it to set the ambiance. For instance, you can install bright wall lamps to give a luxurious look. Or use dimmer wall sconces to develop a soothing atmosphere. There are various other lighting fixtures available in the market. Select one that suits your liking.

Create a Family Tree on the Red Wall

Creating a family tree is an impressive way to decorate a red-colored wall and display precious memories. It is like a medium to relive the beautiful moments you spend with loved ones. So, gather all your favorite family pictures and put them in frames. Set the images in a family tree showing all your generations to add a unique touch.

Incorporate Floating Shelves in Boho-Style

Anyone can install the floating shelves. They are one of the easiest ways to decorate the living room walls with collectibles and indoor plants. However, you can add a touch of uniqueness by hanging a wooden surface with a rope. These floating shelves in boho style allow you to organize the collectibles and add texture and greenery to the space.

Hang a Red-Colored 3D Mural

If you want to spice up the dull living room area, add red-colored 3D murals. They will add a character to your bland space. These murals can be any geometric pattern, beautiful design, or shape. However, use it only on the wall closest to the dining area to make a significant impact.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above wall décor ideas will help you create a stunning red living room. Add a sense of vibrancy and boldness to your décor by incorporating red accents. So, think wisely about how to pull off the entire theme.

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