Remodeling Your Kitchen: What To Keep and What To Replace
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Remodeling Your Kitchen: What To Keep and What To Replace

Remodeling Your Kitchen: What To Keep and What To Replace

Of all the rooms in a house, remodeling the kitchen may be the most fulfilling—but also the most stressful. The stress most likely stems from the fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Plus, we don’t just hang out in our kitchens; we use them. That said, we want our kitchens to function when we’re cooking—and to look good doing it. (Just like you!) To help you save on costs, here are some ideas of what to keep and what to replace when you’re remodeling your kitchen.


People can spend thousands buying new appliances. Now, if it’s part of the plan and in the budget, don’t let me stop you. However, if you know you don’t really need new appliances, but they suddenly don’t appear quite as shiny against the new backsplash, you may want to think long and hard about it. If they still work, appliance paint can change the color, and you can put off spending the cash for a few more years.


Wow, talk about savings. If y’all are willing to put in the elbow grease, painted cabinets are charming—and, just like the appliances, they can represent huge cost savings. Still, if the cabinet quality is low or they’re too far gone to spruce up, then investing in new kitchen cabinets is worth it. Cabinets see a lot of use, and if yours are so worn out that even paint can’t camouflage their flaws, then enjoy choosing some new cabinets. They’ll completely change your kitchen in a good way.

The Sink

I love a shiny new sink just like the rest of you, and I’d say to replace it when you’re remodeling if it’s scratched beyond repair. Now is the time to do it while everything else is torn up. On the other hand, if the sink looks great, a fun new faucet is all you need to breathe life back into the kitchen sink.


Y’all, this is where I draw the line. When you’re deciding what to keep and what to replace when remodeling your kitchen, the old counters need to go. I really feel that if you’re going to spend the cash somewhere, you should spend it here. Y’all know I believe that paint fixes most issues in life, even your marriage—but honey, you can’t paint a counter. Fresh new counters set the mood for your kitchen. Go for it.

Good luck with your kitchen remodel. Nothing is more exciting than seeing it all come together and cooking your family’s favorites for the first time when it’s all completed. Save money where you can, and also enjoy spending in the areas you planned for.

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