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Rent preschool toys from Pley!

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Pley, the leading toy rental service, just added baby and preschool toys to their catalog. They offer dozens of educational toys from the best brands like LeapFrog®, vtech®, Lego®, Fisher Price®, and others. The little ones will enjoy playing with toys that can grow with them while parents can save money and avoid clutter.


Start renting from Pley now. Enjoy the savings and the clutter reduction.


Oh, how I wish they had something like this when my girls were little. It would have saved me a bundle of buying toys that they only played with for a few days then they promptly forget about them.

Ever had that happen to you? This would have saved a lot of headaches for me, but if you still have little ones make sure to check out some of the fantastic toys that have now for rent.

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