Save For Your Dog’s Wellness Food

As you head out to do some errands, shopping and have fun with your pets, consider stopping by your local PetSmart® store. They are stocked on Wellness® grain-free dog food. They also have a kitty line of food available, too!

pet wellness

Many pet parents tell us they want to save money but not sacrifice quality, and that’s where the new Wellness hits a home run. Wellness® grain-free Complete Health™ and Core® foods offer natural ingredients and pre/pro-biotics to provide your dog with a wholesome meal.

Pet parent and founder of Dog Mom Days, Amanda Yantos, says, “I couldn’t be happier with the Core grain-free small breed food that Wynston has been eating over the past two months.”

She says that she loves that the Core grain-free small breed formula has glucosamine and chondroitin to help maintain bone and joint health, which is great for any dog.

Save For Your Dog’s Wellness Food

During the month of June, Core dry dog food recipes are $2.00 off at PetSmart. Starting July 6th through the end of July, Complete Health™ Grain Free recipes are $2.00 off at PetSmart.

Click here to learn more.

Have a great week and enjoy the savings, shopping, and have fun with your pets!

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