Secrets to Planning a Stress-Free Holiday Party
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Secrets to Planning a Stress-Free Holiday Party

Secrets to Planning a Stress-Free Holiday Party

A party shouldn’t stress y’all out; in fact, it should make the season more enjoyable! Follow my secrets to planning a stress-free holiday party for excellent advice! You don’t want to miss these great tips.

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

Lists are the best tools for planning any event. They let you plan ahead, delegate tasks, and keep things in order. Write down everything you need and jot down important dates. Here’s an example list:

  • Send save-the-dates messages on Monday
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Confirm restaurant catering
  • Buy decorations

Outsource Help

One of the best secrets to planning a stress-free holiday party is outsourcing help. As much as I love to handle party logistics, I can’t do everything alone. We all can use the help! Perhaps the local restaurant makes delicious spinach dip, or maybe your friend makes excellent drinks. Enlist their services and take one thing off your plate. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

Serve Pre-Mixed Drinks

Hosting a party is fun yet challenging. You’re the greeter, chef, bartender, and entertainer. Let’s call it the “ringmaster” of ceremonies. For less work, serve pre-mixed drinks in a dispenser. Then, leave glasses, ice, and garnishes on the table. Guests can serve their own beverages, and you don’t have to play bartender all night long.

Incorporate Simple Entertainment

A holiday playlist goes a long way. Play a mix of classical, upbeat, and new holiday music. Guests will love the selection and may sing along (instant karaoke session). Simple entertainment adds to the stress-free factor of events.

For a simple and enjoyable activity, y’all can never go wrong with cookie decorating. Kids and adults love decorating treats and taking them home as party favors! Grab pre-made cookies, frosting, sprinkles, and to-go bags.

Give Yourself Enough Time for Glam

Greeting guests while putting on your shoes or running through the house with hair curlers on aren’t a part of a “stress-free” party. When it comes to getting ready, give yourself enough time for glam! I know you want to look your best and begin the festivities on the right foot.

It’s best to prepare at least one hour before the event. To enhance your party look, do festive makeup. For instance, going for gold-dipped tips is an awesome glitter nail art idea for the holidays that you can try!

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