Self-Care and Energy: Tips for a Better Morning Routine From Lifestyle bloggerChampagne Style Bare Budget

Self-Care and Energy: Tips for a Better Morning Routine

Self-Care and Energy: Tips for a Better Morning Routine From Lifestyle blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

If y’all feel the same way that I do about mornings, you know that they can be tough. From the obnoxious blaring of the alarm to the struggle of prying yourself out from the comfy sheets, it’s the one thing that never seems to get any easier. Fortunately, I’ve found a few ways to make this process a bit less taxing, and I’ve even found out how to set myself up for success while I’m at it. Try these tips for a better morning routine to ensure you’re ready for a wonderful day.

Set Intentions for the Day

If I want to have a certain type of experience during the day, I’ve come to the realization that I need to first commit to it. Setting intentions for the day is about taking a moment for yourself—to think about what you want to achieve with that time and how you want to feel while you’re doing it. Regardless of whether this intent is vague or specific, it’s a great way to boost your mood and channel your energy toward certain goals. I know that I always feel a bit more excited and energized afterward.

Try Exercising To Boost Energy

I’ve also taken to working out in the mornings. Now, I can tell what y’all are thinking—why would anyone in their right mind do that? Well, despite how hard it is to first get moving, once you do, exercise increases blood circulation and improves the body’s overall production of energy. This helps to wake you up significantly quicker than just drinking a cup of coffee would. Additionally, I find that the more energy I have, the more productive I tend to be throughout the day.

Use Your Skincare Time Wisely

After working up a sweat, I then try to devote some time to washing up and taking care of my skin. While a basic skincare regimen is at the core of every woman’s morning routine, it’s common for us to rush through it in the interest of moving on. But, to thoroughly take care of ourselves, it’s crucial that we find ways to slow this process down and really make sure it counts. One way I accomplished this was by learning how to properly apply my products and increase their effectiveness.

Actually Eat Breakfast

My last tip for creating a better morning routine is to encourage you to sit down for a bite to eat. Typically, by this point, many of us are probably in the process of running out the door—grabbing a granola bar or an apple along the way. I know I did. But breakfast isn’t known as the most important meal of the day for nothing. In fact, it’s the best way to provide your body with the slow-burning energy it needs to get you through the various twists and turns the morning will bring. So if you really want to be ready to tackle the day, it begins with having something substantial in your stomach.

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