cat day

September 29 is Cat Day. Freshpet is helping celebrate!

cat day

September 29 is Cat Day! Freshpet is showing the love for our feline companions in a big way: they are helping cat shelters across numerous states with special cooler bags and more.

Freshpet®, Inc (Nasdaq: FRPT), the first and only maker of fresh, all-natural, real food for pets, debuts exciting new freshly prepared meals for cats.   For the first time, Walmart in West Palm Beach will offer an expanded line of Freshpet® cat meals, all found in the “purrfectly” sized refrigerator located in the dry cat food aisle!

Unlike traditional dry cat food, every Freshpet® recipe starts with moisture-rich, high-quality poultry, meat or fish which helps provide cats the natural hydration they need.  Cat’s tend to have a natural low-level thirst drive and Freshpet® products were made to retain high levels of moisture and provide natural hydration.  All the healthy, protein-rich Freshpet® cat meals are grain free and made in the USA  using only the highest quality natural ingredients. Freshpet® believes all pets deserve to benefit from eating fresher, less processed foods just like we do to stay healthy. And they’ve heard from thousands of pet parents who have seen their pets become happier and healthier due to a fresh diet.

Freshpet® foods are made at the Freshpet® Kitchens in Bethlehem, PA using only fresh, all natural ingredients and never any fillers, by-products, or rendered meals and no ingredients from China. Unlike traditional dry and wet/canned pet food, each recipe is gently cooked at lower temperatures to retain essential vitamins and nutrients naturally found in the ingredients. As a result, Freshpet® pet food is less processed than conventional offerings. Freshpet® foods are found in the pet aisle in our refrigerator which keeps our unique food fresh and allows us not to use any artificial or chemical preservatives. And, just like fresh human foods, all Freshpet® foods include a “freshest if sold by” date and must be used within 7 days of opening.

The newly expanded line of Cat meals available includes ROASTED MEALS – Tender, bite-sized morsels made with fresh chicken, fish, and veggies.

  •  – Freshpet® Select Tender Chicken with Garden Vegetables

Freshpet® Select Tender Chicken with Garden Vegetables

CUPS – Indulgent, bite-size morsels made with real meat, fish and veggies in a mouth-watering gravy.

  • Freshpet® Select Chicken & Ocean Whitefish with Garden Vegetables
  • Freshpet® Select Chicken & Pumpkin with Garden Vegetables
  • Freshpet® Select Tender Chicken & Beef with Garden Vegetables

ROLLS – Gourmet, soft & smooth pate-style meals made with high-quality chicken, beef or turkey.

  • Freshpet® Select Turkey & Turkey Liver
  • Freshpet® Select Chicken & Beef
  • Freshpet® Select Cat Cup Variety Pack (Includes Chicken & Ocean Whitefish Cups; Tender Chicken & Beef Cups and Chicken & Pumpkin Cups)
  • “We started Freshpet® because we believe our pets deserve fresher foods like what we’d cook at home. We know more and more pet parents are looking for healthier meal solutions that will help their pets live fuller, happier lives.” said Scott Morris, Co-Founder of Freshpet®   “Freshpet® has expanded our cat food offerings, so that now cats can experience the benefits of eating a less processed diet made of fresh meats and vegetables.”

    “It is a fact that the healthier you feed your pet, the longer and happier life your pet will have,” Says Dr. Katy Nelson, associate veterinarian at the Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre in Alexandria, VA, as well as the host and executive producer of “The Pet Show with Dr. Katy.” Freshpet is what I feed my pets and recommend to all my pet parents.”

    Freshpet meals for cats are available in select Walmart stores in West Palm Beach and also in select Walmart stores in Florida, Connecticut, Arkansas, Idaho, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.

    To learn more, visit

    [su_box title=”About the Company” box_color=”#3899d4″]Freshpet®, headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, is the only company providing fresh, all natural dog and cat food nationwide. Founded in 2006 by pet lovers and pet food industry professionals, Freshpet® identified an opportunity to improve the pet food market and introduced fresh dog and cat food as a healthy alternative to dry and canned food. Freshpet® only uses the highest quality meats, poultry and fish combined with fresh vegetables and fruits—with never any pre-processed meals like those found in traditional dog food. Nutrient-rich recipes allow pets to have the same healthy eating habits as their owners. Freshpet® brands include Freshpet® Select and Dog Joy™, available at select grocery and mass-market retailers; Deli Fresh®, Vital™ and Dognation™, available at pet specialty stores. [/su_box]






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