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Simple Ways to Show Your Love


Sometimes showing someone you love does not take a lot of money. It is the thought that counts. Yea it is nice to get presents from the one you love but that if you get those material things all the time you get a little spoiled. So here are some simple ways to show someone just how special they are to you.

The first suggestion is to write a handwritten note. I love when my girls write me little notes and I find them throughout the day. Another way to show your love is to cook a home cooked meal. My husband loves my cakes and even though I don’t make it all the time I make sure that that I do make one every once in awhile. Which leads to my next suggestion make their favorite dessert. Here is one that  I absolutely love that my husband does and that is doing one of the chores he knows I don’t like to do. He takes out the trash, Yep I can’t stand the smell of trash and it make me dry heave so that the fact that he will take the trash out makes me love him more. Also remember a kind word will go along way and a well as kind deed. And also don’t forget to say Thank You for even the littlest of things. Remember when you show others how much you love and appreciate them they will more than likely return the favor.

So what are some simple ways you show others that you love them?

Sending You Champagne Dreams

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