How a Simple Weekly Email Inspired Me to Change My Career and Life

How a Simple Weekly Email Inspired Me to Change My Career and Life

How a Simple Weekly Email Inspired Me to Change My Career and Life

About a year ago I came across Friday Forward, a blog created by Acceleration Partners (AP) founder and Managing Director, Robert Glazer.  I started to read his updates every Friday and, because they were so inspiring to me, decided to check out who they actually were.  After researching, I realized that Robert had cultivated a culture that I wanted to be a part of and work in on a daily basis.

Before making this change, I was working for a company and, for all intents and purposes, I was successful. I felt respected at work, listened to, and appreciated, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I was the right person in the wrong seat. Robert’s Friday Forward posts helped me realize that I wanted to change where I was headed – both personally and professionally. So, 10 months ago, I left a very large retail company and joined Robert’s team. It has been one of the best decisions I have made.
Since making the transition, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect back on a few Friday Forward posts that have inspired me and opened my eyes to some valuable perspectives:

1. It’s not good to always be “right.”

I know that may sound presumptuous, but in my other job, my partners acted as if I was always right and typically moved forward with my recommendation – even if it wasn’t always the right direction to take.  While a boost to my ego, it didn’t help me grow or get better in my position. So, when I first started at AP, I was a bit taken aback when I’d recommend a new approach or suggest a change to a client and they either didn’t agree with it or decided not to move forward with it. What they would do, however, is provide constructive feedback. This has helped me learn and grow and embrace that the word “no” is ok. In fact, it’s often an opening to better, more productive discussions to get to “yes.”

2. In order to grow, we must be self-aware.

We should all think of ourselves as constantly evolving.  However, although we may be learning something, we may not necessarily be diversifying our knowledge and expertise.  If we want to grow, we have to challenge ourselves and embrace the possibility of failure.  It can be scary but it is the best feeling when you get to that finish line and realize how much you have changed for the better.

3. It’s about work-life integration, not balance.

I now work in a fully remote environment, so we have an employee who works from their home office, coffee shop, co-working space, etc. all over the US and even internationally.  Being able to work from home and no longer have to commute 2.5 hours round-trip has been truly life-changing for me. Now, I’m able to exercise 4-5 days a week, take my dog for a walk at 1:00 pm in the afternoon and drive my kids to school and pick them up.  There is nothing like being able to do work that you enjoy while also having control of your time and calendar.

If you’re like me and strive to diversify yourself, grow personally and professionally, work with other people who will motivate and inspire you, and change your work-life paradigm, then I encourage you to take the leap on whatever path you are headed. Life is too short to question what you are spending your time on 40+ hours a week.

For more information or to sign up to receive Robert’s Friday Forward, please visit here.

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Kelly Ground is a Senior Account Manager at Acceleration Partners. Robert Glazer is the founder and Managing Director of Acceleration Partners, author of the best-selling book, Performance Partnerships: The Checkered Past, Shifting Present, and Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing” and sought-after keynote speaker. For more information, please visit,[/su_box]


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