Two Tone Manicure

STYLE HOW-TO Two-Toned Tips Manicure

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Two Tone Manicure

There is nothing I love than the time I spend with my girls. Now that they are getting older, I have to take the minutes they can spare anyway I can. Gracie loves to do nails, so whenever she asks if she can mine, you know my answer is yes. She is now a sophomore in high school and before long she will be leaving for college, where my other two are right now.
Because I know that most moms and daughters love getting their nails done or doing each other nails, I can’t help but bring you this tutorial on a two toned manicure. I also have to add that I love my monthly Julep shipments. Not only can I opt out or switch items in my shipment, but I can also use jewels that I accumulate from purchases to pay for items as well. This came in pretty handy at Christmas time. Because have you looked at the price of makeup today. And with three girls who are into makeup, it can get pretty expensive because even the little things add up.



Step 1: Apply one coat of your base color to each nail and let dry completely.

Step 2: Use the Plie Wand Creativity Kit striping brush and a secondary color to draw a line across each nail.

Step 3: Fill in below each line with the secondary color. Apply your top coat (we love the Oxygen Performance Top Coat and the Freedom Polymer Top Coat ) and you are done!

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