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10 Best Items to Buy from a Thrift Store

10 Best Items to Buy from a Thrift Store from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
In addition to being eco-friendly and affordable, thrift stores are comprised of a variety of unique items. Thrifting gives shoppers the chance to upcycle, repurpose, or simply rehome pre-loved and donated items. Knowing the best items to buy from a thrift store got a bit more complicated when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many, like Missions Thrift Store, 2721 E. Millbrook Rd., in Raleigh, implemented stringent cleaning and sanitation measures once mandates allowed them to reopen. “We’re

40% Of Travelers Contract Infectious Disease On Vacation Tips To Help You Return Unscathed

40% Of Travelers Contract Infectious Disease On Vacation Tips To Help You Return Unscathed

Dr. Brent W. Laartz thought he was in for the ride of his lifetime when he set out on a horseback riding excursion in Costa Rica.

Admittedly younger and more naïve than he is today, Laartz – an infectious disease specialist and author of the book How to Avoid Contagious Diseases –  failed to take some of the precautions necessary to avoid becoming one of the 40 percent of travelers every year who bring back an unwanted souvenir of a major illness from their trip.


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How 6 Rock-Climbing Techniques Can Be Your Secret Weapon In Life

rock climbing

Feinberg, a business leader, motivational speaker and author of Reaching Your Next Summit, was about to take on one of the greatest challenges in this adventure sport. But before he could do it, he had to put faith in a Russian colleague named Dima who suffered a seizure only hours before the climb.
Dima served as Feinberg’s belayer, the one who uses a small metal device known as a belay to control the friction of a climber’s rope and save him if he begins to fall.
"The belay allows climbers

Free Book A Woman of Love

Women are made to be lovedNot Understood

Valentines isn't just for men and women, it is also about showing your friends how much you love them.
This would be a great book to share with your girlfriends. Maybe even an excuse to get together every week to do the study. And the best part it is free right now.

Learn what it takes to be a  A Woman of Love in this eight lesson study. Through the inspiring story of Ruth and Naomi, women will be taught how to love each other, develop true and lasting intimacy and trust, and be

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