DIY Perfume

Getting the kids together to experience an activity in which they can play with their hands, smell the scent of different items and be creative is an excellent way to bond. This kid’s craft is an excellent example of a project that covers all of those bases. Children can make their own “perfume”! The ingredients you will use include fragrant herbs and flowers, fruits (like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons) as well as food coloring and glitter for “flair”. These will visually and

Protecting Kids from Prescription Drugs

Prescription medications are important for overall health and wellness, but when not used properly they can be deadly. Children are especially vulnerable because they are small, and even small amounts of some medications can have serious consequences, with some drugs more dangerous than others. Accidental poisonings, overdoses, and visits to the emergency room are too often the results of kids getting into medicines in the home.
 Tips for Storing Medications Safely
Having prescription

How Different Cultures Deal with Cash

Saving money or taking loans might be common practices for us but they are also distinctly unexciting. In fact, there’s not much about finance that is noteworthy at all. In other places around the world, however, dealing with money has given rise to a range of interesting and unique practices. This infographic from Budget Direct illustrates and explores just some of these.

Like how in Kenya, Harambee (meaning “pull together”) sees communities who can’t normally get access to credit come

How To Build A Pillow Fort

In a world of technology and TV, children should always be encouraged to spend some time away from the screens and use their imagination to create their own fun. But every parent knows it can be hard to keep children constantly entertained without buying expensive toys, and to think of inexpensive activities is often a tricky challenge.

Thankfully, a great way to spend a rainy day at any time of year is by building a pillow fort. This is one of life’s great pleasures, a great bonding activity

Stakes are High for Millennials and Even Higher for Their Children

Achieving financial independence and accomplishing life milestones that traditionally have been associated with adulthood are becoming more and more difficult for young adults to attain. While some may be quick to blame Millennials’ “lazy and entitled” attitudes a look at the bigger economic picture reveals that our ever-evolving society may have doomed this generation to failure when it comes to outdated measures of success.

For example, a report from the US Census Bureau looked at four

The New Summer Job for Kids is the Stock Market

As traditional summer jobs fade away, teens have other opportunities to earn

For generations when school let out for summer vacation teens left the classroom and headed for local restaurants, gas stations, swimming pools and grocery stores to earn spending money at a summer job. But, the percentage of kids working over the summer has dropped. Pew Research Center reports that in 2014 less than one-third of teens had a job. While some of the decline has been attributed to more teens participating

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