Four Things to Know About Hurricane Preparedness

The following is a press release from FEMA and with what I saw with the impact of Harvey on Texas, the uncertainty of the paths of Irma, Jose, and Katia I thought it wise to share it.   Each year, we witness the devastating impacts that hurricanes can cause. High winds, heavy rainfall, tornadoes, and flooding can be felt hundreds of miles inland, potentially causing loss of life and catastrophic damage to property. As Hurricanes Matthew and Harvey remind us, it is not just major hurricanes (Category Read more […]

Cities Nationwide Are Making Seismic Upgrades A Priority

Most days may be calm and serene, but news reports routinely remind us that the potential for disaster is always there under the surface with economic impacts that can severely cripple businesses that don’t plan ahead. More than 19,000 earthquakes will occur in the United States this year, although luckily most won’t reach magnitude 4.0 or higher, while the Atlantic Hurricane Season that recently began is predicted to spawn 17 named storms and two to four major hurricanes. While hurricanes Read more […]