What is Hygge? 5 Ways to Include it in your Home Decor

Over the past decade, there have been plenty of home decor fads, trends and obsessions that have been unable to stand the test of time in terms of usefulness. Anyone else immediately remove popcorn ceilings upon the purchase of a new property? So what exactly makes a design trend achieve longevity? Enter: hygge. Pronounced hoo-gah, this Danish decor practice combines the lifestyle of enjoying each moment to its fullest with relaxing and cozy interiors.  There are several key principles

How to Choose the Right Kind of Planter Boxes for Apartment Gardens

Planter boxes are attached to a fence that is made up of wood or chain links, deck railing, or on top of a balcony. While looking for one, a buyer should pay close attention to the back bar or brackets for good support. These brackets, if not sturdy, will be blown away by strong winds. Some of the other tips that one can consider while purchasing a planter box are:

Vertical Areas Create A Lot of Space
It is best for apartment owners to create vertical spaces to maximize the space that is required

Some Important Garden Maintenance Tips

For that healthy garden, you must focus on proper garden maintenance. There are so many interesting ways to maintain your garden but that is not enough. You need proper tools and all the necessary items to maintain the garden and its look. Sometimes, the garden is in such a mess that even you cannot work on it well and need help from experts. They know their job well and would like to offer you with some help right on time. So, if you are looking for best ways to take care of your garden, you might

DIY Ladder Plant Stand

Fresh flowers and plants are a great way to add life back into your home. Houseplants can liven up a dull corner of a room and add an interesting talking point for your next gathering. However, smaller living spaces may limit the amount of greenery you can have in your home.

A simple solution is to think smart about the space you have. A simple plant stand can be the perfect answer for a tight space. ProFlowers created a video tutorial to make your own DIY Ladder Plant Stand for those of you looking

How to Make a Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps

A decorative terrarium is just as cute as it is easy to care for and the best part is that creating your own may be easier than you think. Whether you’re gifting for the plant lover, the hostess or just about anyone, a DIY terrarium is sure to put a smile on their face because there’s nothing quite like a handmade gift during the holidays.
To help you create your own, ProFlowers put together a DIY terrarium video tutorial. With 5 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to creating a tabletop

6 Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The words ‘air quality’ usually make us think of the outdoor air which is, as we already know, packed with many different pollutants such as dust, smog, smoke, etc. However, we tend to neglect the importance of the quality of the air in our own homes, where we spend most of our time. Keeping your indoor air quality at the high level is extremely important, and you should start taking care of this today.
What exactly is in our air
You may or may not know this, but our planet is constantly

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