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Talk of the Town: Durable & Light Materials


In today’s world, durable but light materials are the talk of the town. As we already know that the human race has advanced by leaps and bounds, during the last few hundred years, technologically; from living in caves to now living in huge metropolises, we have advanced a lot and now for the next step we seek out light but durable materials. The basic idea behind these materials is to be able to easy to manufacture, install and maintain while being resistant to weather and pretty much be able to take all kinds of punishment. There are already numerous materials with such specifications available in the world, and one of such materials is the PE coated ACP material, but what is it exactly?

In order to fully understand the concept you must first know what ACP or Aluminum Composite Material is; basically it’s just two aluminum sheets bonded together by a Polyethylene sheet, aluminum being one of the most light yet durable materials in the world is chosen as the outer layer while the core of the material is made from a Polyethylene sheet binds the two sheets together. Not only is the material light but it’s also very durable and is able to take a lot of punishment. And if you put a coating of polyester when mixed with alkyd resins and ultraviolet absorbent on top of the aluminum in the ACP, you get the perfect material for making sign boards. By being PE coated, the ACP is now highly resistant to weather and pretty much everything Mother Nature throws at it, short of a full blown storm. Though there are many thicknesses available in the market, the standard thicknesses are 3, 4, 5 and 6mm; but it all depends on certain brands and preferences. There are many manufacturers of the material in the world, but by far Kingaluc is the best PE coated ACP manufacturer in the world. Just head over to their site  to see for yourself, where you can browse through a variety of designs and products. PE coated ACP boards are used in interior decorations, billboards & signs, usage in partitions of rooms, low building claddings and ceilings. And since they come in a variety of colors, these boards are used in kitchen and rooms as well. Kingaluc is one of such PE coated ACP manufacturer in the world that offers a wide palette of colors for you to choose from.

As scientific research progresses each day, there are new materials discovered and made each day with durability, resistance and light weightiness in mind. And though there are many PE coated ACP manufacturers in the world, we guarantee that Kingaluc will satisfy you like no other. Just go to our website and see what we have to offer, and we guarantee that you will like what you see. From a wide variety of products, designs, colors; there is something for everyone no matter your taste or requirement

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