Tasting Success: Ways To Incorporate More Fruit & Veg Into Your Diet

Tasting Success: Ways To Incorporate More Fruit & Veg Into Your Diet

We all appreciate the importance of eating five or more portions of fruit and veg per day. Unfortunately, it is very easy to slowly fall back into our old ways after a few weeks of consciously healthy eating.

Thankfully, implementing a great strategy for eating more of the good stuff isn’t as difficult as you may fear. Here are five ways to do it in style.

Tasting Success: Ways To Incorporate More Fruit & Veg Into Your Diet

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1- Focus on fun meals

First and foremost, you’ll maintain winning habits when healthy eating is fun rather than a chore. When you level up Taco Tuesday, for example, your meals will naturally incorporate salad vegetables. Better still, self-service means that each person can focus on the ingredients that they enjoy most. So, your enjoyment of healthy foods will increase.

Incorporating fresh ingredients into your diet is one benefit. But it also offers a wonderful chance to rediscover the enjoyment of home cooking as a family. 

2- Introduce new ingredients

Most people have their go-to fruits and vegetables. Common choices include apples, tomatoes, and broccoli. Even if you love those ingredients, the repetition can get a little boring. Expanding your repertoire by using ingredients that you might not use as often can work wonders for your taste buds as well as your health.

Try the best roasted asparagus recipe, for example, any you’ll love eating more veg. Moreover, a mixture of the good stuff means you get a range of nutrients. 

Tasting Success: Ways To Incorporate More Fruit & Veg Into Your Diet

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3- Grow some produce

There are times when heading to the grocery store for fresh ingredients becomes inconvenient. Especially when you have other foods in the cupboard. You can help overcome this issue by growing fruit and veg in the backyard. In turn, you will always have fresh ingredients to hand. It will encourage you to make healthy choices more frequently.

Furthermore, it helps combat the problem of food waste and throwing away store-bought produce. Your foods will taste super fresh too. Perfect.

4- Drink your fruit and veg

Eating fruit and veg isn’t the only way to incorporate healthy ingredients into your diet. While many store-bought smoothies are packed with sugar and additives, homemade ones are great. You can find plenty of great recipes online or experiment using your favorite fruits and vegetables. Just be sure to take it easy with any syrups of calorie-dense elements.

It’s a great way to get more fruit and veg into your diet. It will also provide an effective way to use any ingredients that are approaching their expiration dates.

5- Buy a new gadget

Home cooking is often the key to eating more fruit and vegetables. So, any opportunity to boost your natural desire to cook from scratch is advised. Finding the best air fryer or pressure cooker could be one of the most effective ways to do this. You will naturally want to use your new kitchen gadget, which will also encourage you to find healthy recipes. 

In many cases, the gadgets will also reduce your energy bills. When healthy eating is affordable as well as satisfying, the sweet taste of success is sure to follow.

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