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The Beauty That is Nature

I started a new devotional book this week. One Thousand Gifts, makes you think about all that you should be thankful for. As I sit down each day I challenge myself to find things that I call my little blessings. This week our town was rocked by a winter storm. Living in the south, it is a big deal when we get snow or ice. Most of the time I huddle in my house not venturing out too much. Schools are normally shut down as most people do not know how to handle driving in the ice and the snow. This storm came on Monday night as we slept. Tuesday morning we awoke to a land of white. There is something so beautiful about snow when it first falls. It makes everything look so peaceful and magical. As if everything is right in the world, there is no bad just good. It is almost a reminder to look at the good in the world instead of focusing on the bad. I often time find myself focusing on what is bad in my life instead of the good. After the year I had last year who would blame me, but with this devotional I decided to be thankful for a day spent with my two younger girls and husband. I enjoyed watching the dogs try to walk on the ice and instead they were slip sliding away. I also got to see up close the beauty that is in nature.

We have a Magnolia tree in our backyard that we moved from our old house. There were lots of discussion on whether the tree would end up moving with us. As you just read, it did make the move with us and it is my favorite tree in our yard. So when my husband went to put Tutu our collie mix back in her cage and he came across this ice leaf. So I wanted to share with you the simple beauty that is nature. It is now in my freezer as my youngest decided she wanted to save it.

Beauty that is Nature

So tell me what simple beauty have you seen in nature lately? Share so we can enjoy.


33 Comments on “The Beauty That is Nature

  1. It really is amazing, isn’t it. Some of the icicle formations up around here are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Living in Wisconsin each winter – the cold snow and ice always seems to amaze me. When every branch of the trees are covered in ice and they shine in the sun – it is so beautiful!

  3. I need to remember to do this more often. I did ALL the time when I lived in Portland because it was so beautiful all around me. I need to start finding the beauty in where I am NOW 🙂

  4. Yes in the south they do make a big deal out of ice and snow…we cant handle it. Im in Atlanta and it was a big snowpacalypse here it was a mess!

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