The Most Boring Sports To Watch in Person
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The Most Boring Sports To Watch in Person

The Most Boring Sports To Watch in Person

If you refer to any sport as sportsball, y’all know the feeling of going to a sporting contest to appease your loved ones. It’s one thing if I’m watching my kids participate in one of these sports, but when it’s adults I have no connection to, these are the most boring sports to watch in person.

Please Spare Me From Bowling

Bowling can be a hoot if you are with a group of friends and nobody takes it too seriously. But if you’re dragging me to your bowling night and I’m sitting on the sidelines, I’d rather watch paint dry. Unlike other boring sports with occasional variances throughout the game, you see the same thing in bowling with each throw: a ball crashing into pins. Unless you have a vested interest in who wins, y’all are better off sitting this one out.

Swing and a Miss for Baseball

One of the biggest changes for the 2023 MLB season is addressing the tremendously slow pace of play. If people in charge of the sport realized their game was boring without instituting a pitch clock to bring excitement, you could take them at their word.

Going to a baseball game can be dreadful, and the only enjoyable parts about going have nothing to do with baseball. Letting the sun kiss your skin while enjoying the ballpark delicacies is the best part of any game. It’s just too bad that three hours of nothingness is the only way to get there!

Football Is a TV Sport

I realize this may be a controversial statement, but seeing a football game in person can be daunting if you’re not invested. The crowd’s roars and tension in the air are one way going to a football game can be a blast. However, there are only about 15 minutes of action during a three-hour game. Being in that situation can undoubtedly test your patience.

No Golf Clap Needed

When you put slow, tedious, and boring into a blender, the sport it spits out is golf. Hopefully, y’all are lucky enough to have a partner who doesn’t plop on the couch on a Sunday to watch golf for six hours. Football is at least more watchable on TV than golf, so I can stomach SEC Saturdays and NFL Sundays. But y’all, I will never understand how some can watch golf on TV or in person.

Heaven forbid you must accompany your significant other to the golf course because there goes your whole day. Five hours and 120 shots later, you can finally pack up, head home, and listen to them talk about the highlights of their round. No thanks!

In a perfect world, you can skate out of going to the most boring sports to watch in person. If you have to go, y’all better use that to your benefit for a future favor. It’s worth attending a baseball game if it means a spa day is right around the corner!

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